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Pelamis Wave Power is celebrating a decade of offshore wave power

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Two second generation Pelamis P2 machines are being demonstrated at the EMEC test site in Orkney.

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The world's first wave energy company to deliver electricity from offshore wave power to the national grid.

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Richard Yemm was awarded the Saltire Prize for his outstanding contribution to the marine power sector in Scotland.

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Pelamis is the world’s most advanced wave energy technology company. We're working with energy suppliers to develop and manufacture wave energy machines for clean, renewable energy.

The Pelamis is an offshore wave energy converter that uses the energy of ocean waves to generate electricity.

Offshore wave energy has the potential to be one of the most environmentally benign forms of electricity generation.

Pelamis Wave Power are working on a range of projects, from ongoing machine testing for customers to development of commercial wave farms off the coast of Scotland and Portugal.