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Further information about Pelamis Wave Power, the Pelamis machine, or facts about wave power potential in the UK and around the world is available on these web pages:

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If your query is not satisfied through our online resources, please contact us directly via [email protected]

Visitors to Pelamis can travel to our facilities by foot or bicycle. A number of Lothian Buses stop at the foot of Leith Walk across the Leith Links park, or numbers 16 or 22 stop at the nearby Shore area. Cyclists are welcome to use our safe bicycle storage and can find a safe route via The Pelamis facility is just within the Forth Ports security gate and access is available within via a pedestrian access gate.

Please note that Pelamis Wave Power is located in Leith docks. All visitors require photographic ID, and none will be admitted without an appointment.


Pelamis Wave Power Ltd.
31 Bath Rd, Leith
Scotland. UK

Tel : +44 (0) 131 554 8444
Fax : +44 (0) 131 554 8544