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Founded in 1998 by Pelamis inventor Dr Richard Yemm, alongside Dr David Pizer and Dr Chris Retzler, Pelamis Wave Power designs, manufactures and operates the Pelamis wave energy converter.

In almost fourteen years, Pelamis has achieved the following milestones:

The world’s first export of electricity from an offshore wave energy converter to an onshore grid network

Years of extensive research and development of the Pelamis concept, using numerical modelling and tank testing of scale models, informed the building of a full scale prototype Pelamis machine. The prototype was first tested at the European Marine Energy Centre in August 2004 and became the first commercial scale offshore wave power machine to successfully generate electricity into the national grid.

Supply and commissioning of the world’s first multiple machine wave farm

Following the successful testing of the full scale prototype machine, an order was secured for three full scale Pelamis machines from Portuguese electricity utility Enersis. Officially opened in September 2008, the Aguçadoura Wave Farm was located off the northwest coast of Portugal and had a total installed capacity of 2.25MW.

Securing the UK’s first commercial orders for wave energy converters from utility customers E.ON and ScottishPower Renewables

In February 2009, E.ON placed an order for the first of a next generation Pelamis machine, the P2. E.ON were presented with the 'Best Project' award at the 2011 Scottish Green Energy Awards in recognition of this visionary step as the first utility company to order and order and operate a wave energy converter for installation in the UK.

The second Pelamis P2 machine to be sold to a utility customer was announced in March 2010, when Pelamis secured an order from ScottishPower Renewables, part of Iberdrola Renewables.

We're proud to be working with these major UK utilities E.ON and ScottishPower Renewables on the testing of two P2 Pelamis machines in Orkney. The two utilities will be testing their machines in tandem as part of a unique cross-industry collaboration project. Information gathered from the trials will be used to support the development of larger commercial-scale projects currently under development by both ScottishPower Renewables and E.ON off the coast of Orkney.

An unrivalled pipeline of commercial projects, including customer led developments for Crown Estate leased sites

Wave farms with a total installed capacity of 170MW are actively under development in Scottish waters, including customer, joint venture and Pelamis led projects. These sites have all been granted Crown Estate Agreements for Lease, demonstrating the commitment of Pelamis and our customers and partners to making these commercial-scale wave farms a reality within this decade.

As one of the first-movers in wave energy, Pelamis is at a mature stage of development and is on the cusp of making commercial wave farms a reality. Wave energy technology has the potential to supply a significant proportion of the world’s current global energy consumption, and our vision for the future looks well beyond the UK’s waters. 


Pelamis Wave Power changed its name in September 2007 from Ocean Power Delivery.