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Pelamis Wave Power is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with further operations in Orkney.

Pelamis at Bath Road


Pelamis headquarters are located in Leith Docks, Edinburgh.

The facility includes our design office, housing our entire engineering design department, as well as a large assembly hall and quayside. This allows seamless feedback between production and engineering disciplines. 

The location within Leith Docks provides convenience for the launching and towing of assembled machines, and electrical connection at quayside means machines can be commissioned at ease before being towed to a project site in Scottish waters. 

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We also have a small Operations and Maintenance team based in Orkney, overseeing the operations of the two Pelamis machines currently under test at the European Marine Energy Centre.

E.ON machine at Lyness quayside

Photo: A Pelamis engineer adjusts equipment on the E.ON machine from Lyness quayside, Orkney

Our facility in Orkney is located at Lyness on the island of Hoy. Lyness offers a sheltered harbour where inspection and maintenance work can be safely and efficiently carried out on Pelamis machines whilst not deployed onsite. Pelamis originally used the facility at Lyness as the maintenance base for operations of the prototype Pelamis machine.