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The future of marine renewables

Posted on: Monday 20th February 2012

A new report published by the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee states that the UK could become a leading exporter of wave and tidal power equipment and expertise if the Government adopts a more visionary approach to developing marine renewables.

The report highlights that while the technologies to harness the significant marine energy resources in the UK are still in their infancy, up to 20% of the UK's electricity could be generated from wave and tidal power devices.


Per Hornung Pedersen, Chief Executive of Pelamis Wave Power, said: “This report is an important call to action for our industry. It clearly recognises the major potential of wave and tidal energy and underlines the need for continued support from the UK and Scottish Governments to accelerate investment in the sector. Now is not the time for complacency and we welcome the Energy & Climate Change Committee’s recommendations. Cross party and industry support for our sector and technology is crucial and this report is a clear signal of that. 

“Drawing further and sustained investment into the sector will be dependent on solid and stable policy support. The future of marine technology in the UK will also require greater collaboration with industry. Bringing renewable energy to the marketplace on a commercial basis and seeing the results of our innovation deployed across the world is something the UK can genuinely fulfil. Here we have everything to foster growth in the renewables industry, from the technical and engineering expertise to innovation and Government support. With the backing of the corporate community with the experience to grow the industry, we also have the infrastructure, the supply chain and the skills to make the transition. It is an exciting time to be in marine renewables and this report shows what is needed for our industry to fulfil its potential.”


The full report can be read on the UK Parliament website