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Operations & Maintenance

Pelamis is firmly of the view that the aggressive offshore environment is incompatible with any requirement for access to the machine while on-site.

It is far preferable to bring the Pelamis machine to a suitable maintenance facility than attempting access while installed offshore. The ethos is: why bring the garage to the car when you can bring the car to the garage? The Pelamis machine is uniquely configured for such an offsite maintenance strategy as it is long and thin and easily towable with small vessels, and its shallow draft requires only a few metres of water to enter sheltered facilities.

Quick connect system

Quick connection

Pelamis Wave Power has developed a unique system for quickly and safely installing and removing the machine from its anchoring system and electrical connection.  The system allows the machine to be connected to its mooring and electrical system in around 90 minutes and disconnected in less than 15 minutes. 

This 'plug and play' system provides huge advantages to both the installation and maintenance of Pelamis machines. No need for specialised vessels ensures that our approach to offsite maintenance is cost-effective.

Most importantly, the remotely controlled system is also significantly safer than other installation techniques, removing any need for dangerous diving activity, heavy lifting operations, tight lines on vessels, or personnel transfers.

This patented system can be operated in a wide range of weather conditions.


Remote Control & Modelling

The Pelamis control and monitoring system supports a wide range of diagnostic tools to support fault detection and handling, and avoid any developing issues from causing wider problems if left undetected. Structural load cycles are continuously recorded to efficiently inform the inspection regime, oil contamination levels are also monitored online, and both normal operating and protection systems can be automatically tested at regular intervals.

Pelamis engineer monitors machine operations

Control and monitoring of the machine is carried out remotely and can be conducted from anywhere in the world. Pelamis have proven control and monitoring of machines in Portugal from their Edinburgh headquarters and are now able to monitor machines in Orkney from either the local Orkney maintenance base or Edinburgh office.

Photo: A Pelamis engineer monitors machine operations.