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Farr Point Wave Farm
Farr Point Wave Farm

Project Overview

Developer: Pelamis Wave Power

Location: Off the Sutherland coast, by Bettyhill

Capacity: Phase 1 up to 10MW

Lease Capacity: Up to 50MW

Status: Consent Applications Under Development

Expected Energisation Date: 2016/2017

Farr Point Wave Farm

"The development at Farr Point represents a unique opportunity to demonstrate the Pelamis wave energy converter in a fully commercial context."

Laura Carse, Project Development Manager, Pelamis Wave Power

Farr Point Wave Farm

The Farr Point wave farm project will prove the viability of the Pelamis wave power technology on a commercial scale.

In 2010 Pelamis Wave Power was successful in securing a seabed lease option from The Crown Estate, as part of the world’s first leasing round for marine energy projects. Pelamis is now developing an offshore wave energy farm of up to 10 MW (10 machines) to prove the Pelamis wave energy converter in a commercial demonstration, including operations and maintenance strategy, while continually enhancing performance and understanding environmental interactions with the machines. Farr Point represents the next development phase after testing machines at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.

The site at Farr Point has also achieved ‘Official Competitor’ status for the Scottish Government’s Saltire Prize, a unique international challenge to accelerate innovation and breakthrough for marine technologies.

Project Location

An ‘Area of Search' is located around 5 – 12 km off the Sutherland coast. A Pelamis wave farm of 10MW size would occupy a much smaller area of 2  3 km2. The Area of Search boundary means that we have flexibility to take into account other sea users, survey data and environmental data in defining the final site location. An onshore landfall site has yet to be determined, however feasibility surveys are ongoing. 

Project Description

The project will comprise of up to 10 Pelamis wave energy converters, each machine moored using a slack mooring system with the array of machines electrically linked together by a series of subsea cables. Energy from the array will be exported to shore via a single subsea cable to a substation at an onshore landfall point on the north coast. Here, the power will be transformed for onward transmission into the mainland grid network.

Project Status

Following completion of the scoping process in 2011, ongoing project development activities include: the Environmental Impact Assessment process, engineering design, resource assessments including the deployment of two wave measurement buoys in conjunction with the Environmental Research Institute (Thurso), onshore landfall options, survey work, and consultation with local communities as well as local and national stakeholders, to ensure that the right project is developed while maximising the local benefits. Information on upcoming events can be found on the events page of our website.

Marine Scotland has, as part of the data gathering initiative, collected seabed information around the leasing area. Seabed data and a biological assessment of the environment can be accessed on the Marine Scotland website

A notice to mariners with the specific locations of the two wave measurement buoys within the area of search can be downloaded here.


Anyone wishing to provide comments on the proposed Farr Point Wave Farm can do so by writing to the project development team at:

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