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CEO at Agucadoura

Project Overview

Customer: EDP & Efacec

Location: 5km off the Atlantic coastline of northern Portugal (substation at Aguçadoura)

Project: Aguçadoura phase 2

Capacity: 20MW phased installation, with scope for expansion

Status: Early Development

CEO at Agucadoura

CEO at Agucadoura

Aguçadoura was the location of the world’s first wave farm.

Installed and operated in 2008, the three Pelamis machine farm was a joint project between Portuguese electricity utility Enersis and Pelamis Wave Power under the joint venture company Companhia da Energia Oceânica SA (CEO).

Further details of this project can be found in our Development History section.

In 2009, Portuguese electricity companies EDP and Efacec purchased Enersis’s share in CEO following the collapse of their parent company Babcock & Brown in the financial crash. CEO now have ambitions for a follow on project at Aguçadoura to install, in phases, a farm of up to 26 machines with an installed capacity of 20MW. The timelines for this project will be dependent on the testing work currently underway of the P2 Pelamis.