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About Pelamis

Innovations case study. Pelamis Wave Power: Making wave energy accessible. The Carbon Trust, July 2009

Design, simulation, and testing of a novel hydraulic power take-off system for the Pelamis wave energy converter.  Renewable Energy 31/2, pp271-283. Ross Henderson, Ocean Power Delivery, February 2006.   * Subscription/Athens login required

Measurements of the slow drift dynamics of a model Pelamis wave energy converter. Renewable Energy 31/2, pp257-269. Chris Retzler, Ocean Power Delivery, February 2006. * Subscription/Athens login required

Maximum wave-power absorption by attenuating line absorbers under volume constraints. Paul Stansell, David J. Pizer. Cornell University Library, December 2011

Pelamis: experience from concept to connection. Richard Yemm, David Pizer, Chris Retzler and Ross Henderson. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, January 28, 2012 vol 370 no. 1959 pp365-380

About marine power

Why marine? BWEA (now Renewable UK), 2006

Wave and Tidal Energy in the UK: State of the Industry Report. RenewableUK, March 2011

Marine Energy Action Plan. Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), March 2010

The Next Steps for Marine Energy. RenewableUK Action Plan, March 2010

Channelling the Energy. A Way Forward for the UK Wave & Tidal Industry Towards 2020. RenewableUK, October 2010.

The benefits of marine technologies within a diversified renewables mix. A report for the British Wind Energy Association by Redpoint Energy Limited, April 2009

Marine Renewable Energy. State of the industry report, BWEA, October 2009

Future Marine Energy. Results of the Marine Energy Challenge: Cost competitiveness and growth of wave and tidal stream energy. The Carbon Trust, January 2006.   * Login required

Theo Murphy Meeting Issue ‘The peaks and troughs of wave energy: the dreams and the reality’ organized and edited by Francis Farley, Rod Rainey and John Chaplin. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, January 28, 2012 vol 370 no. 1959

The Path to Power. Delivering confidence in Britain’s wave and tidal stream industry. BWEA (now RenewableUK), June 2006

Marine Energy Road Map. Forum for Renewable Development in Scotland, August 2009

Harnessing Scotland’s Marine Energy Potential. Marine Energy Group Report, Scottish Executive, July 2004

Atlas of UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources. BERR, March 2008

Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Round 1 Development Sites. The Crown Estate, March 2010.   * Copyright request

About renewable energy in the UK

The UK National Renewable Energy Action Plan. Office for Renewable Energy Deployment (ORED), July 2010

The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan. National strategy for climate and energy, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), July 2009

Renewables Action Plan. Scottish Government, June 2009, and updated January 2010

Scotland’s Renewable Energy Potential: realising the 2020 target. Future Generation Group Report, Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland, 2005


Pelamis founder Richard Yemm recognised with Outstanding Contribution award

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