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Aguçadoura Wave Farm from the air

Pelamis wave energy converter generating electricity into the Portuguese grid off the coast of Aguçadoura, Portugal, in October 2008. This footage was captured for the documentary 'Home' by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. 

'Emptiness' soundtrack courtesy of Alexander Blu.

E.ON Pelamis machine in Orkney

This clip shows the E.ON Pelamis machine operating at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland on 6th December 2010. The machine was built by Pelamis Wave Power for E.ON, and was named Vagr Atferd, Norse for wave power.

Graphic video by E.ON and ScottishPower Renewables

This graphic video, produced by E.ON and ScottishPower Renewables, shows a wave farm of two Pelamis machines.

A Pelamis machine constructed for E.ON has been undergoing testing as part of a pre-commercial demonstration process since October 2010 at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney. This is one of the second generation Pelamis 'P2' machines. A second Pelamis P2 machine ordered by ScottishPower Renewables is currently in the final stages of commissioning in Leith, Edinburgh. This machine will join the E.ON Pelamis in parallel berths at EMEC later this year.
Pelamis founder Richard Yemm recognised with Outstanding Contribution award
Richard Yemm was presented with the award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry at Thursday evening’s Scottish Green Energy Awards in Edinburgh. The award from Scottish Renewables was sponsored by Highlands & Islands Enterprise and recognises exceptional contribution to the renewables industry. In the announcement of the award, Scottish Renewables recognised Richard’s long standing and profound contribution to the renewables industry and wave energy in particular. Richard’s career in renewables began in the wind sector, with a novel design of wind turbine blade dampers that enabled extended manufacturing of blades in Glenrothes by overcoming an industry-wide vibration problem. While studying for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh under Professor Stephen Salter, Richard formed the first ideas of the Pelamis wave energy converter and established Pelamis Wave Power in 1998. Richard has spent the last 13 years developing and commercialising the Pelamis with involvement from the drawing board to the board room and from the wave-tank to the high seas. Under his leadership, Pelamis achieved the first grid electricity from offshore waves, Scotland’s first export order for wave energy technology, and the UK’s only sales for wave energy converters to utilities E.ON and ScottishPower Renewables. These machines are demonstrating the cutting edge of wave energy in preparation for scale manufacturing and deployment. Richard has also been active in political lobbying and was a driving vision behind the creation of the European Marine Energy Centre and the Marine Supply Obligation, which subsequently led to the 5ROCs market responsible for driving investment into the sector. He had the privilege of chairing Scottish Renewables through its formative years, helping to shape the combination of high ambition and pragmatic realism that has made Scottish Renewables such a success. Richard Yemm said: “I am really honoured to receive this award and am proud to be working in the renewable industry in Scotland at a time that so much progress is being made by so many outstanding people and organisations. “Behind any individual award there is always a huge team effort – Pelamis and the industry could not have achieved this much without a whole team of tremendously talented and dedicated people, and without the huge support we have been offered by our visionary investors, customers, supply chain and Government”. Pelamis featured in another award of the evening, as E.ON UK won the Scottish Green Energy Award for Best Project. This award recognised the visionary step E.ON have taken as the first utility company to order and operate a wave energy converter in the UK. The involvement and on-going support of E.ON in this Pelamis project is the biggest step towards commercial large scale deployment yet taken, and is now strengthened by the unique collaboration between E.ON and ScottishPower Renewables in the tandem testing of their two Pelamis machines at EMEC.   Photograph: Amaan Lafayette, Marine Development Manager at E.ON, with their ‘Best Project’ award, and Richard Yemm, Founder and Commercial Director at Pelamis Wave Power, with his ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award. The 10th annual Scottish Green Energy Awards were held on the 1st of December in Edinburgh’s recently re-opened National Museum of Scotland. Over 950 representatives from across the Scottish renewables industry attended the ceremony, which was hosted by BBC presenter Kaye Adams. Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said: “The winners reflect the huge strength in Scotland’s renewable energy industry, and the range of different types of projects from new community wind developments to cutting-edge wave and tidal devices.  All of them will make their own important contribution to Scotland’s ambitions for renewables and in creating jobs, promoting investment and in cutting carbon emissions over the coming years.”  
Posted 02.12.11
A new report published by the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee states that the UK could become a leading exporter of wave and tidal power equipment and expertise if the Government adopts a more visionary approach to developing marine renewables. The report highlights that while the technologies to harness the significant marine energy resources in the UK are still in their infancy, up to 20% of the UK's electricity could be generated from wave and tidal power devices.   Per Hornung Pedersen, Chief Executive of Pelamis Wave Power, said: “This report is an important call to action for our industry. It clearly recognises the major potential of wave and tidal energy and underlines the need for continued support from the UK and Scottish Governments to accelerate investment in the sector. Now is not the time for complacency and we welcome the Energy & Climate Change Committee’s recommendations. Cross party and industry support for our sector and technology is crucial and this report is a clear signal of that.  “Drawing further and sustained investment into the sector will be dependent on solid and stable policy support. The future of marine technology in the UK will also require greater collaboration with industry. Bringing renewable energy to the marketplace on a commercial basis and seeing the results of our innovation deployed across the world is something the UK can genuinely fulfil. Here we have everything to foster growth in the renewables industry, from the technical and engineering expertise to innovation and Government support. With the backing of the corporate community with the experience to grow the industry, we also have the infrastructure, the supply chain and the skills to make the transition. It is an exciting time to be in marine renewables and this report shows what is needed for our industry to fulfil its potential.”   The full report can be read on the UK Parliament website. 
Posted 20.02.12
Today Pelamis Wave Power is celebrating our fourteenth anniversary, and some fantastic achievements and world firsts during those fourteen years, including: The world’s first export of electricity from an offshore wave energy converter to an onshore grid network Supply and commissioning of the world’s first multiple machine wave farm Securing the UK’s first commercial orders for wave energy converters from utility customers E.ON and ScottishPower Renewables An unrivalled portfolio of commercial projects, including customer led developments for Crown Estate leased sites Pelamis inventor and founder Richard Yemm said: “It’s unbelievable how much Pelamis has achieved over the past fourteen years. When we started wave energy was an academic curiosity, and now we are an important part of Scottish and UK Government strategy, have real machines generating into the grid, and utility customers developing real wave farms off our shores. From the first small tank test model in 1998 we have now designed, built and tested six full-scale machines and through that amassed a vast pool of knowledge and experience that gives us unrivalled insight into what we need to do next to deliver commercial wave farms in the next few years. It has been a tough but rewarding 14 years since our inception, and there is more than a tingle of excitement if I allow myself to think where we may be in another 14 years’ time!” Wave energy technology has the potential to supply a significant proportion of the world’s current global energy consumption, and the Pelamis vision for the future looks well beyond the UK’s waters. Per Hornung Pederson, CEO of Pelamis Wave Power, commented: “This fourteenth anniversary is a chance to look back on the immense achievements of Pelamis so far, and comes during a period in which utilities and governments are paying increased attention world-wide to the potential energy of the ocean’s waves. Pelamis is at the forefront of wave power technology and we’re excited to begin the next stage of commercial-scale deployments.”
Posted 26.01.12

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