Lithium Solar Batteries

lithium solar batteries featured image

When compared to other batteries such as lead acid batteries, lithium solar batteries have proven to be more reliable. They’re a welcome alternative when it comes to the storage of solar energy. Not only are they easy to fix, but they are durable as well and store up more power. It’s no wonder that more […]

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How Solar Panels for Boats Work

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Life is grand when you have a boat to look into all your needs for adventure. Whether you are a lover of kayaking or sailing in a yacht, you are covered. Instead of the same old speedboats, why not try out something new? For instance, experience a solar-powered boat and their immense benefits. Imagine a […]

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How a Solar Powered Generator Works

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how a solar powered generator works? Here, we’ll get to answer this question in detail, and if you’re not so much into the nitty-gritty of the inner workings of a solar generator, you’ll probably want to explore the types of solar generators available on the market right now. It […]

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Solar Energy Efficiency for Home Use

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Many homeowners turn to renewable energy such as solar power to try to cut down on their utility bills and be more eco-friendly. One of the more daunting aspects of taking on this type of upgrade is the cost. Though solar solutions have come a long way in recent years toward being more affordable, they […]

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Is an On-Grid Solar Inverter Right for You?

on-grid solar inverter image

Using solar power in home applications has become increasingly common as the price of the system components has come down in recent years. In many cases, governments looking to subsidize renewable energy initiatives will even help pay for some or all of the cost of installation for those who decide to put solar panels on […]

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Solar Radiation Definition and FAQs

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The dictionary defines solar radiation as “energy radiated from the sun in the form of electromagnetic waves, including visible and ultraviolet light and infrared radiation.” That is clear enough, right? Probably not! So, let’s break it down for you. The sun is a giant hot ball of gas that glows and gives light and heat […]

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Solar Thermal Panels for Water Heating

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The cost of basic utilities such as electric or gas heating and cooling is almost unavoidable. Most of us simply sign up with a local utility company and pay for what we use without ever wondering if there is a better way to go about getting these basic comforts for ourselves. Consider the hot water […]

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